Openbox Community Edition

Reworking and tweaking the experience - making hard decisions on content - the Openbox Edition has now officially reached v19.


To name one - the Openbox edition will - from now on - only be available as a minimal edition.


Good question - the primary reason is - keeping the ISO size down.

Another reason - strongly inspired by the original PacBang - the edition is slimmed down because users going for this edition are assumed to be long time users - knowing exactly how the system shall be - and previous editions has to some extent taken that choice away.

The current ISO - as of today - does not include unnecessary applications - hopefully you agree :slight_smile:.

Much thought has gone into this revision - but it will take too long to explain what have changed.


NOTE: Due to comments on the Manjaro forum the ISO includes proprietary drivers.

The ISO has been tested using bare-metal - please check the Manjaro Forum post for more information

So without further comments I present the latest:

Manjaro Openbox Community Edition

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