Two flavors

Both flavors is using Openbox window manager

  • PacBang based on Arch
  • bbxBang based on Manjaro

PacBang was originally created in 2018 by Carl Duff and co but quickly abandoned. The latest original ISO available is 2016.04.

Easy installs

Driven by the idea of opensource and the experience gained as a long time Arch and Manjaro user the PacBang distribution has been revived.

It has been picked up by Manjaro developer @linux-aarhus and manjaro team member.

Revived 2020

PacBang's revival was a slow process over the last months of 2019.

The first rebuilded ISO saw daylight January 2020 and the plan is to follow Arch release model - rebuilding the ISO monthly.


@linux-aarhus is a system administrator and software developer from Denmark.

Early retired in 2014 and now actively participating in the Manjaro Linux Community, helping members and writing guides on Linux system administrative tasks.

@linux-aarhus is not a part of the recently established Manjaro company but an active community member and voluntary developer and maintainer of key Manjaro packages written in Python and GTK3.

Besides the development tasks @linux-aarhus also maintains three (3) Manjaro Community Editions primarily Openbox and Lxde. The Lxqt edition is maintained by help from other community members.


Inspiration and sources