PacBang ISO has been rebuild

Arch is a rolling release - just keep your system up-to-date - so usually you don't need the ISO.

But it can be handy for system rescue and new installations.


Openbox Community Edition

Reworking and tweaking the experience - making hard decisions on content - the Openbox Edition has now officially reached v19.


To name one - the Openbox edition will - from now on - only be available as a minimal edition.


Good question - the primary r...

February rebuild

Download February 2020

systemd mount units

Auto mounting a device using systemd is a simple secure approach.

For one - you don't have to edit your fstab - the slightest error in fstab can render your system unbootable.

Lets assume you have an USB device which may or may not be available at boot time and when you p...

Why another guide on encryption?

Using grub to boot an encrypted system often leads to long waits while grub decrypts the luks container just to get to the kernels.

This load time is a weakness of the current grub implementation - and while it will probably be solved in due time - we need to fin...

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